Portulive is one of the world´s most important companies and law firms for immigration legal services, specializing in services for obtaining second nationalities in Europe for Latin American citizens. We cover a wide spectrum of services, including obtaining citizenship by investment, golden visa in different European countries, nationalization and obtaining residence in Spain, France, Italy and other countries of the European Union, among others. We invite you to meet us.

UK company

Portulive Consulting Limited Liability Partnership is a company incorporated under the laws of England in the United Kingdom and incorporated in London under number OC430757 of Companies House.

Portulive is a registered trademark in the European Union.


We are a group of lawyers, historians, genealogists, academics and professionals from different countries always at the service of our clients. We work focused on the needs of those who need our services, creating tailor-made solutions for each situation that arises. We understand the importance of personalized attention.

Local agents

We have a wide network of local agents in different cities around the world so that our clients are always served by a local person, within their reach and always ready to solve any need, doubt or query that may arise. We also have correspondent offices in different cities around the world that offer our services.