If you are planning to travel to any country in the European Union, we can provide you with an ideal concierge service. We have private transportation of the highest level and all kinds of preparation for the arrival at your new home for long or short stays (market, copra, grocery shopping, etc).

Our goal is to offer the best quality in all our luxury services, providing privacy and security so that our clients enjoy creating unforgettable memories.

Concierge services

We offer you a service of total availability 24/7 throughout your stay, complying with the highest standards of quality and exclusivity. Thanks to our years of experience and our exclusive network of providers, we can meet any request, allowing you to fully enjoy your time.

Travel ad adventures

Thanks to our team of professionals and their extensive background, our clients will be able to enjoy the best regions and cities of each country. We organize totally personalized itineraries according to your needs and preferences under the permanent advice of a member of our team.

Personal assistant

Our concierge and personal assistance service will make it possible for you to once again have your personal life and that of your loved ones in your hands. We will take care of the management of everything that allows you to enjoy the moments that are really important to you again.

Professional advice, a quick response, and above all, a solution to all your day-to-day needs, is the greatest luxury we can offer you.

Private events

All the options of VIP tickets for sports, culture, music or high society. We get a table at the last minute in the most prestigious and select restaurants, or to organize the perfect night in the best nightclubs.

Count on the guidance and advice of experts in fashion, jewelry or other categories, to always make the right purchases or gifts.